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The Leaflet Store And Much Much More!

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We have now added new products to our site to include Docket/Invoice Books & A4 Brochures.

Over the next few months we will be working on updating the site so please keep tuning in!


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​Emotions & Marketing - Why People Buy from You?

I came across a poster yesterday, with so much text on it, that a novelist would write an admiration note to the designer. Have you ever seen a flyer like that? You know the one which uses small fonts and provides so much information, that you don't even attempt to read it.After looking at that poster, I [...]

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Can You Rely on Word-of Mouth to Keep Your Business Alive?

Based on our research, many businesses answer the question “How do you advertise your business?” with “Ah, you know, word of mouth”. There is nothing wrong with it, if you are crazy busy, phones keep ringing all day long, and your biggest problem is how to keep up with the queue of customers.The problem starts when a business [...]

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Low-Cost Branding – Is That Possible?

Branding. We usually attribute this 'thing' to large corporations that everybody has heard about and everybody knows what they are doing.In marketing, these brands can afford to spend huge money on TV ads or 'building-sized' posters where they don't even talk about their product – but you still know what their product is.This is exactly what small [...]

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Running a Business vs Being Your Own Boss

Are you a business owner or you simply created a workplace for yourself?The question might not be clear for the first read, especially if you've been running your own business for several years and fell in the same trap like many fellow business owners: coping with all the tasks day by day, working 16 hours or more [...]

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​How to Choose Paper and Size for Your Next Flyer/Leaflet Campaign?

Looking back to all these years, what I found the most difficult for business owners is to change the type of design/paper/flyer they use. Of course, we have to stop here for a second: The old advice applies: “If it ain't broke, why fix it?” So once your printed materials provide a steady flow of new customers – [...]

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The 10 Most Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases

An advertising material without a call-to-action is like a nice fairy-tale. It's like sales without closing. You inform your prospect but there is no end result. In this blog post you will learn probably the 10 most powerful call-to-action phrases which will help you to get the end result of any advertisement: ACTION. Whether it's sales, newsletter [...]

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​If you confuse them, you lose them...How to be clear with your marketing

It is obvious that we are talking about your customers, right? In this post I want you to understand why it is important to “tattoo” this sentence in your mind... One of the mistakes small and medium businesses make is getting ideas from big brands when they create their advertising material. Big brands have spent and keep spending [...]

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The psychology of colours in printed and digital marketing

What colors to choose for your next campaign? We have covered several topics before where we didn't miss to emphasize that regardless the way you choose to market your product or service - whether printing or digital advertisement - always think with the mind of your customer. When you create your piece of promo such as leaflets, posters, postcards, etc, [...]

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​How can you make your customers "lock" you in their mind? And provide you with a steady flow of income

The biggest fear businesses should have: Their customers forgetting about them... There are so many competitors, so many impulses reaching people every day. Once they left your premises, office, website, etc., it is very easy for them to forget about you and your business. They are bombarded with tons of information, offers, advertisements, and they are basically guided [...]

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